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Digital Paintings
All  these images are copyrighted (C) 1994-2006 by Daniel Barrero

All these logos and images were created by me with either gimp or photoshop using a mouse or my Wacom Graphire tablet (wich i'm just learning to handle and was the main reason for adding this page). I know they aren't master pieces, after all I'm not an artist, nor I ever pretended to be one... but nevertheless some of them are quite cool for programmer art (in my not so impartial opinion ;-)...






These are here just for the sake of completion as they are really old!! (<=1994):

This used to be the main menu of my first personal web site:
These were icons representing friend's nicknames or projects they worked on to be used for the DFAC office web page at the University of los Andes in 1994 (basically it was the office were many of the graduate students working at the engineering department were crammed into at the time, wich was very cool as it was an ideal environment to cross polynate ideas from different fields).