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Hello there,

This is a list of only my friends which have a web home page that i know of so you can go ahead and make their hit counters explode ;-)...

....well here they are the names you were waiting for... (in no particular order, after all this isn't a winners list)..

  • Gramo: Beholder of the secret of the Big Rock  legend ("la gran piedra"  philosophy which i tend to agree completely ;) great Dungeon Master, Linux expert, and a complete  StarWars nut.
  • Pato: Linux fanatic, Linuxcol web master, and expert on many areas, he's probably one of the most intelligent persons i know, and one engineer that has at least as many, if not more university diplomas as a medical doctor without being one, well.. he's technically a doctor (Ph.D.) but i sure don't want him performing an open heart surgery on me ;-) 
  • Pacho: Incredibly good programmer, expert on everything that has something to do with creating compilers and programming languages, also the best male bowling player i know (...the best woman player i've seen is his aunt Ines, so it might be genetic ;-)
  • Diego: Alias the "Paisa",  Problably one of the biggest Networks experts in Colombia, responsible of setting up at least two of the biggest internet providers in the country.
  • Agugu: Great programmer,  Network and Linux expert,  you can ask him anything about the internet inner workings and linux networking.
  • Alejandro: Very good programmer and a great photographer, i took him paragliding once and  took off before he did (he was in a tandem with an instructor) and tried to scary him, as a result i finished my takeoff by hitting a tree!!,  well.. he was more amused than scared, at least i learned my lesson!! ;-)
  • Cesar:  Likes everything  that has something to do with multimedia and educative software.
  • Lolo: He's a Karaoke nut!, but also a good programmer and "Randonnee"  fan (hey does anyone knows how to translate that? excursion? ).
  • Mathieu: The best image designer i know and also the biggest fan of  StarWars i know  (yes far more than me or ....Gramo! ) 
  • Manu: He just loves Cars, Surf and Rockn'Roll.
  • Fred:  Fan of a weird  70's T.V. series "The Prisoner", also an incredible luckiest person,  rest assured, with him you can get bored because all the craziest that happen to him :-)
  • Zangamilo: Likes parties, networks and music...
    Who's next? : Hmm... i  know i must have forgotten somebody, but well as you know i live in the clouds ;-), BTW, now that i think about it, none of the girls i know has a home page?!! Weeiiird!!