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Paragliding !

"Who has been in the sky, will always walk looking at it, wishing to go back"

Leonardo DaVinci
Well...these aren't the exact words but it was something like that :), the thing is that you've just discovered my Paragliding page :).

If you don't know what a paraglider is, well, first, let me tell you that the feeling has nothing to do with jumping off a plane with a parachute (no adrenaline burst), it's more like floating (like in a dream), or if you prefer it resembles hanggliding but at slower speeds (no flames about who's better between paragragliders and hanggliders please, after all we share the same dream of flying with our own wings :), now as they said a picture is worth a thousand words:

Dany at Bilbao 1998
Yep, that's me in my old trusty very old glider over Sopelana beach near Bilbao in Spain ( 1998 ). (don't worry i finally got a new one :-)

Dany at Arbas 2000
Yep, this is also me but this time in my new performance glider a Galaxy Scorpion III, landing at the Arbas site in the French Pyrenees ( 2000 ).

Luceze - France - 2000Luceze - France - 2000
Me flying at Luzece ( Near Cahors ) in France. ( 2000 )

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You know, everywhere i have been flying i get the feeling that paraglider pilots are just a one big family, especially in the clubs i made part of.

These are the paragliding clubs which i had or have the pleasure of being part of:

Parapente Club Santafe de Bogota (Bogota - Colombia), My home club at Colombia, great people and a lot of good friends, if you go there to fly contact them or me and i'll give you all the contacts out there.

Logo Toiles du Sud (my unofficial version ;)Toiles du Sud (Toulouse - France) , My actual club in France, it's composed by great people and very good friends (they are like a big family :-), if you come flying in France near the Pyrenees contact them, (well it's not the official logo but i like this modification (my own) better since is more modern looking ;-)

YCC (Caracas - Venezuela), well i wasn't really part of them but i flied with them the semester i lived in Venezuela and they are very nice people.

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This section is dedicated to documents and writings related to paragliding, like rulings,
stories, techniques, etc., if you like to contribute, send me an e-mail.

For the time being it is still empty but don't get desperate i'm working on something to start publishing in this section.

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Coming soon!!


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In this section i provide only a simple set of useful links, if you want a more extensive list you can see the Flight and Glide Links! section in my links page

Big paragliding links centers, from these sites you can get to almost any PG. related  web site in the world:


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Some pictures of different places where i had flyed..

Dany Arbas 2000
Me aproaching the landing zone of the Arbas site (Pyrenees-France) 2000

PWC Pihedrahita 1999
Takeoff of the PWC at Pihedrahita (Spain) August 1999

PWC Pihedrahita 1999
Takeoff of the PWC at Pihedrahita (Spain) August 1999

Fred Bilbao 1998
Fred taking off from the Sopelana site (Bilbao-Spain) 1998

Vincent annecy 1998
Vincent over the lake of Annecy (Alpes-France) 1998