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    Turbed stands for  A Turbulent Behavior Development System and basically  it's a test bed and proof of concept for the simulation of laminar and turbulent flux for Computer Graphics.

    I created  it as part of my research in my quest to obtain a Ph.D.. in Computer Science  in the area of Computer Graphics, to know more about this proyect you can go here , basically it's main goals were: 

    • A development tool for animators in the quest of visual realism ;-) 
    • An integration tool for complex animation environments and physically based modelling 
    • A tool for rapid animation development and testing of  CFD animations
    • Advaced  rendering system for computer animation of  natural phenomena

    Notice: the site is actually out-of date, the only sections that have been actualized more rencently are the gallery and publications ones and they are older works too..  if you want to see images and videos my most recent  related research you can go to this page::

    and for more information visit the publications section on this site.

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VrPyro is actually the most recent research i've conducted on fire and smoke simulation and visualisation, mostly during my time as a post-doctoral fellow at the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal.

You can find more information here:

and at the publications section on this site.

Back to TopSoft Objects - physics based modelling

I have always been interested on physics based animation, these are some projects where i had implemented some real time physics systems:

Expoquebec 2003: For the 2003 edition of this Fair in Quebec i helped to develop the concept and realized part of the 3D content for an application used to introduce visitors to virtual reality. The application was showed on a linux CAVE system built by the CERCA visualization team for this purpose. The whole system, Hardware and Software for the virtual ride (a hunted house virtual ride) was builded from scratch in less than 2 weeks.

For the expoquebec application i programmed  real time cloth dynamics and volumetric fog  animation systems:

Real Time Cloth System:                              

Real Time Volumetric Fog:

you can find more information about this proyect at :
(btw, the guy on the pictures with long hair besides the tons of coke cans is me, also i take the blame for that ugly unintelligibly storyboard. :-)

Alkymiasoft: Long hair dinamics based on physics models, rendering using maya paintFX, 2D-1/2 water simulation in real time to generate normal and refraction maps.

Long Fur Simulation

Real Time Pseudo-3D Water

3D modelling program.. tools...

photoshop XMP manual/sample..

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I've always been interested on hardware interfaces, as a result with a friend (hi Mao! :) I finally constructed some prototypes of a 3D scanner based on the principle of a touch probe (pantograph).. since the process actually worked quite well we kind of got carried away and builded a full body exoskeleton :-) .

If you're interested on more information concerning this project please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or go to Mauricio Gomez home page.

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NthDimension was going to be a series of tools for high quality rendering and animation, including a renderman compliant render, real time viewers and modeling tools. It was heavily under development and it's currently in a pretty alpha state.. 
Notice: I had to put NthDim on hold while finishing my Ph.D. thesis.. Nevertheless, the full RIB parser/writer libraries were all finished so i intend to publish them here when i get the time to write some documentation.