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Je suis Dany, et vous venez de croiser les frontière de mon site web.. Ce site est destiné à garder des informations sur moi, mes loisirs, intérets, programmes, liens, ma prose  (il risque d'avoir des trucs que n'intéresse que moi ), dessins, et tout ce que je juge convenable de publier... Ca ne veut pas dire que je n'accepte aucun type de comentaire avec des critiques constructives, des suggestions, etc... A propos, vous devriez lire la Decharge.

Bon, maintenant si vous voulez en savoir plus sur moi, vous pouvez continuer à lire, ou, visiter mon  CV en  Ligne... vous pouvez trouver des petites idees sur ma philosophie et interets ici ..en Tout cas, vous etes bienvenue à surfer sur mon site quand vous voulez..

Avertissement:  Euh! , bon j'en ai  marre de traduire (j'ai deja traduit un partie en espagnol!!). Je suis desole pour les francophones, mais c'est vraimment trop de boulot et prends aussi trop de temps pour mantenir des pages web multilangue, surtout pour un site qui ne peut intéresser que moi meme, alors j'ai decide qu'a l'exception de cette page ou de certains autres, ce site sera en anglais.

Update 18-Mars-2008: finallement j'ai decide de actualizer completement mon site, et au meme temps de le demenager sur son propre serveur web (depuis 10 ans sur tripod j'en ai eu finalement marre de la cantite des avertissements que tripod mets sur ma page!!).. 

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A moins que vous soyez suffisement chanceux/malchanceux (hey, tout le monde a le droit d'avoir une opinion) de me connaitre :)... Je suppose que vous etes en train de vous demander qui  je suis, bon, je crois que la façon la plus simple est de vous raconter tout l' histoire:

 Tout a comence il y a long temps, le dernier jour du septieme mois de la 1971eme année du seigneur un enfant etait né qui...

..Mmmm ... Non, Je ne crois pas que vous vouliez écouter la version complète de l' histoire, alors voici la version courte:

Bon, je m'appelle  Daniel Arturo Barrero Ulloa mais je prefere que l'on m'appelle Dany, je suis née au debut des années 70 a Bogota, Colombie, Amerique du Sud, Terre, Sisteme Solaire, voie Lactée , Universe.. et actuellement je me trouve à Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada, Amerique du Nord, etc..  travaillant comme programmeur des jeux video :-).. ce qu'est tres different de ma vie precendante a Montréal comme Post-Doctorat dans le domaine de la Visualisation Scientifique et la CFO (Dinamique des Fluide par Ordinateur ou CFD en anglais). Maintenant si vous vous demandez comment j'ai fini par me retrouver dans ce petrain (un informaticien especialiste de la synthese d'images qui fait de la dinamique des fluides?!, bizarre, non? ;-) continuez à lire tout simplement. Vous pouvez trouver quelques petites idees sur ma philosphie et interets ici , ..en Tout cas, vous etes bienvenue a surfer sur mon site quand vous voulez....

Back to TopLa Presque Version Courte de l' histoire de ma Vie Recent :)
Note de l'auteur: Malhereusement je n'ai pas encore fini de traduire cette section, en attendant la partie manquante est un copier-coller de la version en anglais.

Well i'm going to start my story from the most interesting part: The University Years.

Everything started when i was 16 in January 1988 when i started the university. After some years with long nights of hard study, party, and ..all the typical student duties ;-), in March 1994 (well i really finished in december 1993, but they give the diplomas in March,  notice that in Colombia the Bs degree is a 5 year program at least) i finally obtained my bachelor degree in Systems and Computer Engineering (you can call it Computer Science) at the Andes University (that's in Bogota, Colombia, .. you know the rest..), with a thesis on Physically Based Modeling And Simulation, at the DFAC (CAD/CAM/CG) group (now called the IMAGINE group).

   Then that same year after giving to it some serious thought , i decided to continue having long nights of (you know what) and decided to obtain my MS in Computer Science simultaneously with a Masters Degree on Mathematics, all that at the same university. .... i had decided that going out to the real world to work with databases/cobol/rpg, etc.. wasn't for me, and that there must be more interesting jobs but that i needed to gather more knowledge to get one (i had already worked one semester as a full time network administator/database developer/analyst in a financial company so it wasn't an uninformed choice)... also it was the year i started to practice Paragliding which changed my life forever lending me to drop out of the MS in Math and  focus myself on flying and the MSCS :-)...

.....well, i'm going off topic here, but hey it's My page!, anyway lets get back on topic... were was i... oh, yeah..... to pay my studies i obtained an assistantship in the CS department's Networks Group to do some research in the area of Client Server applications (sponsored by Digital), then i took the opportunity of going one semester to Venezuela to follow some CG and AI classes at the Simon Bolivar University and do some great Paragliding, when i got back from Venezuela i got a fellowship to do some research in the area of  Terrestrial Navigational Systems (GPS systems in cars, sponsored by Liikuva) for one semester, after that i got a assistantship to work as programmer, help to the system administration and web mastering of the brand new Super computing Center of the university: MOX ( It's was a only little Cray, and some other good machines to be really Super Computing  but it's the first and only cray there is in Colombia for the time being, so it's a nice start  :-)..well in September 1996 I  finally obtained my Masters Degree in Systems and Computer Engineering (similar to MS in CS-CE, notice here also that in Colombia the MS degree is a 2 year program min.) with a thesis on Modeling and Simulation of Turbulence Phenomena for VR systems,  at the DFAC group .

   well and if you think the story is over.... you're wrong, but don't get desperate it's almost finished, because from there I went to France thanks to a fellowship  of the French government to made a "These en Informatique dans le domaine de la sinthese d'images"  (that's a Ph.D.. in CS in the area of Computer Graphics) to follow my research over the simulation of natural (turbulence) phenomena applied to computer graphics (and the extra opportunity to do some serious Paragliding by the side ;). 

   To do that i'd went to the IRIT, at Toulouse, France, Europe, etc...  But everything wasn't so nice and simple since there isn't a direct equivalence between Colombian degrees and French degrees, I was obliged to inscribe myself in a D.E.A. in Computer Graphics (a one year Master Degree) happily since I had already a MsCS I was exempted of classes and examinations, and could take the time to improve my French, and work in research only, and had only to present/defend the final Ms Report in June 1997 on the subject "Modeling and Simulation of Turbulence in Participating Media", so as it turns out to be now i have 2 MsCS in Computer Graphics! .... well , from there I started my Ph.D.. at the same laboratory at the team of Computer Graphics "Equipe Synthese d'Images", where I finally got my Ph.D. (defended on January 2001) after 3 years of research ........ and my four years of Paragliding in the Free flight paradise that's france (in case you haven't noticed i'm a Paragliding fanatic, and pretty proud and happy of being one :-)....

   But that's not the end of the story, after finishing my PhD y went back to Colombia to see what could be done there, also because it was a requirement of the grant. Back there since the computer graphics industry is quite crude (almost non existant other than creating animations for tv ads and web sites, more with a user than developer mentality), so i worked at several universities giving computer graphics courses, doing some independant consulting and continued researching different topics of computer graphics and animation by my own side, like building with a friend (hi Mauricio!:) a Full Body Motion Capture Device (of the exoskeleton kind), 3D scanner device(touch probe) and even created a company to continue development and comercialization of those devices.

   Well, now we get to the end of the story, if I was back in Colombia working as a teacher and developping computer graphics stuff, how did i get to Canada?.. well, actually it was thanks to this site :-).. a professor of the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Hi Marcelo! :-), was looking for someone that worked on scientific visualisation and had a good knowledge of CFD for a research project that he was developping. Anyways, he found my thesis and papers on this site, then after reading them he contacted me and offer me the opportunity to do a Postdoc at his institution in Canada, and since i had never been in Canada before, the research proyect sounded very interesting (and Colombia's economical situation is going down the toilet) I decided to accept the offer and so, that's how I end up at Montreal learning that actually -40C doesn't mean the thermother is broken!! :-)  and doing some cool stuff  but forced to be on the ground for the most part of the year :-(.. Towards the end of  my Post-doc in 2004 I had to take the decision of staying on the Academic path and go for a tenure position or go to work on the industry for a while, even though I love research, I was tired of the publish or perish mentalily and was going too much into real physics, so I decided to look for a job into the video games industry.

At SIGGRAPH 2004 I took the opportunuty of being there presenting a poster to pass my resume around, the first person I talked to was the recruiter of a huge game company and got dissapointed as she basically convinced that having a PhD meant that I will "never" will be able to get into the industry :-(.. fortunately while wandering around I stumbled upon the stand of a Canadian game company that made one of my favorite RTS games, I was not even thinking anymore to pass my resume around, but the HR lady in the stand actually convinced me to give her my resume, and a few months later after a couple of interviews I got hired by them, and thus I finally started working profesionally programming video games since March 2005 at Relic Entertainment :-)

   Uff!!, finally that wasn't a so short story ;)... oh, well... Now, if  you read until  here and you're not tired to sickness of reading about me, now i suppose you are wondering what are my main areas of interest and work, you can keep reading to see a pretty short list (no, really this time is really short :-)...

Anyway, you are welcome to wander through my site, or go take a look to my  Resume On Line if you want all the concrete info about me without the prose.

Si quieren informacion sobre uno de los mejores Otorrinolaringolos de Colombia pueden visitar el consultorio de mi hermana:

Back to TopUne List (Vraiment) Petite du Domaines de mes Interets et Travaux
Bon, on peut dire que je suis interese surtout par ce qui peut representer un challenge pour moi, ou qui me permet d'apprendre des trucs nouveaux et pas seulement dans le domaine de l'informatique, peut être parce que j'aime la science mais aussi car je crois que le meilleurs solutions aux problemes peuvent arriver des domaines le plus inatendues. bon, mais en general, on peut dire que mes domaines d'interet principaux sont :
  • Synthèse d'Images: Principalemente: Visualisation, Modelisation Physique (Ma thése d'ingenieur), Rendu Realiste, Rendu temps reelle, Realite Virtuelle,etc....
  • Modelisation et Simulation des Sistemes Complexes (feu, fumée, nuages,  deformation du papier, etc.. ma Thése de Magister, DEA et recherche de Docotorat
  • Parapente.
  • Intelligence Artificielle: Principalement control d'animation et Vie Artificielle je n'ai pas beacoup d'experience dans cette domaine mais je vais essaier d'ameliorer ça quand j'aurait le temps.
  • StarWars: Et oui,  j'appartient à la foule des milliards de fous qui croient que ces films sont les meilleurs de tout les temps.
  • GUI: Design et programation
  • Programmation des Jeux: bon, d'accord c'est mon travail, mais je l'aime bien et c'etait mon passe temps avant de le devenir et ca continue a en etre un.
  • Electronique et robotique: Une des mes reves depuis que je suis tout petit, peut  etre je connetrai un jour quelqu'un assez fou pour m'aider a construire un super robot... bon du moins avec le kit Lego Mindstorms que j'ai, l'adc et exosquelette que j'ai construit on peut considerer que comme une bonne debut... ;-)
  • Programation des ordinateurs: J'aime programmer tout simplement et aussi colaborer dans des proyects du Logiciel Libre (Open Source), le language n'est pas important tant qu'il soit un langage decent (non, cobol n'est pas un) , car c'est genial de pouvoir maitriser des nouveaux langages et surtout ça permet d'utiliser le meilleur outil pour chaque job
  • Have Fun: Parapente, Programation des ordinateurs, Television, Cinema, Jeux de Roles, Roller Skating, Parapente,  Jeux Video, Linux (hey, it not only works great but it also lets you have fun working with it :).
  • J'ai deja dit Parapente?.. 
Si vous voulez plus de reinsegnements sur moi, vous pouvez visiter mon CV en Ligne, ou naviguer sur mon site.

Si quieren informacion sobre uno de los mejores Otorrinolaringolos de Colombia pueden visitar el consultorio de Otorrinolaringologia de mi hermana:

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To some this could seem somewhat paranoic but i'm currently living in france and there have been happening some stupid legal battles over web site contents here. It's not to say that i'll do something illegal as almost if not all of the material posted here is my original work, otherwise it'll have the corresponding credits, but as there is always some stupid people that will try to use any method to get easy money, i think it's better to protect myself , so here it is:


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